Wide Selection of Alberta Traffic Supply

Our people and world-class products play an important role in how we serve our customers in Western Canada and more specifically in Alberta. As industry-leading problem solvers we are always looking for innovative solutions to traffic and safety needs for our customers. 

Alberta Traffic Supply

We offer a wide range of roadside safety and traffic control products for sale and rent including:

Traffic Signs

We manufacture traffic signs in-house and can comply with specifications in Western Canada. You can choose from a variety of highway and warning signs or you can build something completely custom from scratch. Our graphic design can work with you to make custom signs for any occasion. 

Crash Cushions and Impact Attenuators

Crash attenuators are innovative roadside safety solutions that offer protection to road users from stationary structures like median and guardrails. We carry a wide range of crash attenuators including QuadGuard II, Delta Crash Cushion, Big Sandy Barrels and much, much more. 

Delineators and Channelizers

Delineators and channelizers create awareness in any work zone and offer visible guidance for motorists. Our permanent and temporary installation options offer options for every situation. Flexible delineators are durable systems that can withstand multiple impacts without compromising the overall safety. Alternatively, temporary channelizers can be repositioned to accommodate traffic flow changes through the life of your project.

Steel Barriers

Steel barriers systems are portable, temporary systems used to protect road users and construction workers where space is limited. These systems are designed to absorb and safely redirect errant vehicles back onto the roadway. At Barricades and Signs, we carry two types of steel barrier systems, Zoneguard and Vulcan Barrier, that can be used in temporary and permanent scenarios. 

Roadside Services

We also have a suite of roadside services to take a little pressure off your next project. As experts in the industry we provide equipment installation, lane closures, product rentals, equipment repairs, routine maintenance as well as engineer stamped traffic management plans. 

Learn more about traffic supply and roadside services in Alberta at

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