Driving Change: Our Rise in Traffic Safety

Celebrating 20 Years

From a humble family start-up to Western Canada’s go-to traffic safety authority, our story is a thrilling ride of perseverance, innovation, and bespoke service. Passion-fueled and customer-focused, we weathered start-up storms, fuelling our growth with a belief that our tailor-made, efficient safety solutions could change lives.

Despite industry hurdles and fierce competition, we carved our niche by understanding our client’s unique needs and building trust with custom solutions. We are committed to making a difference and developing affordable, effective products that enhance traffic safety.

Our investment in technology, people and innovation doesn’t just sustain us at the helm of the industry, but steers us towards a future where we’ll redefine traffic safety solutions in Western Canada.”

How it Started

he seed of our journey was sown in the heart of Bob and Fran van Bruggen’s cherished family farm in 2004. An opportunity arose during this time, marking a pivotal moment in our history – we became the proud custodians of Barricade Illumination Services. Our focus during these early stages was fairly straightforward yet profoundly important: the meticulous crafting of signs and carefully distributing a select range of traffic safety goods.

As a family-operated venture, we inherently understood the importance of personalized touch, unwavering dedication, and heartfelt connection. Our very existence, our growth, and the footprint we hoped to leave in the world, was intricately tied to two core principles: the promise of delivering exceptional service and the unwavering commitment to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

Fast forward to the present day, and these values have become the bedrock of our operation, remaining as relevant and potent as they were in our earliest days. They have been our guiding star, shaping our ethos and informing every decision, and they continue to inspire us to strive for excellence in all we do. Despite the changes and growth we’ve experienced, the heart of our business remains the same. Our story is a testament to the lasting impact of solid principles, family bonds, and a relentless commitment to our customers.

Where We are Today

From humble beginnings within the walls of a simple farm shed, our company has matured, expanded, and diversified. We’re not just a business now; we’re a powerhouse of traffic safety expertise, each member dedicated to enriching our customers’ experience and adding a wealth of value to our business partnerships.

We’ve curated a comprehensive suite of roadside safety products and devised versatile traffic services – a smorgasbord of solutions, always on hand for our valued clientele across the majestic expanse of Western Canada.

Regardless of the scenario, our commitment is unwavering: to forge partnerships that revolutionize the perception of traffic safety. It’s not simply a duty for us, it’s a journey, and we are proud to accompany each client every step of the way.

Western Canadian Locations
We provide products and services in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
Unique Sellable Items
Our traffic safety products aim to make roadways safer for workers, motorists and pedestrians.
Active Customers
Helping our customers safely complete their projects is top priority.
Problems Solved
With each problem solved, we grow and find news ways to add value to our customers.
To be the supplier of choice in Western Canada for traffic safety supplies.

Committed to Service. Trusted to Deliver.

This is our promise, our mantra and our guide for how we approach engaged problem solving for our customers.

Culture & Values
Problem Solving
We take pride in finding solutions to problems our clients and customers face.
Customer Experience
Open and honest communication connects us with our customers. We're focused on providing unmatched products and services.
Working with world class manufacturers, we are continuously moving forward, innovating and finding new ways to add value.
Quality People, Quality Products
Whatever we do, we do full heartedly. Especially when it comes to the products we sell and the individuals we have on our team.

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