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Enhancing Traffic Control in Vancouver and Beyond: A Province-Wide Commitment

At Barricades and Signs, we are recognized as the premier provider of comprehensive traffic management and safety supplies in Vancouver and across the entire province of British Columbia. Our extensive array of traffic control solutions is meticulously designed to ensure that construction projects, regardless of size, are adequately equipped to manage and direct traffic safely. This safeguards both workers and the general public. In the bustling and ever-evolving landscape of Vancouver, where development and infrastructure projects are a constant, our expertise and resources are indispensable for the seamless and successful completion of these endeavors.

Vancouver’s Premier Traffic Accommodation Provider

Our portfolio boasts an extensive selection of traffic signs available for both rental and purchase, designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients across British Columbia. We excel in crafting custom signs tailored to the unique requirements of specific projects, encompassing everything from production to delivery, installation, removal, and repairs. Barricades and Signs stands as your all-in-one partner for traffic management needs. Our services include:

  • A flexible rental program that adjusts to your project timeline.
  • Efficient handling of the setup and dismantling of traffic accommodation products.
  • Streamlined logistics to simplify your project management process.

For those in need of expert advice on traffic accommodation strategies, our consultancy services are aimed at ensuring your project adheres to best practices right from the start. We also offer maintenance and repair services, guaranteeing that your traffic management solutions are always in prime condition.

Province-Wide Expert Traffic Control Solutions

Effective traffic control is the cornerstone of any successful road construction or maintenance project throughout British Columbia. Our approach merges deep industry insights with a collaborative client relationship, ensuring the success of your projects and simplifying the complexities of traffic management across the province.

Our commitment extends beyond barricades and signs. We are continuously evolving our offerings to meet the expanding needs of our clients throughout British Columbia. Whether your project requires a single barricade, comprehensive traffic mitigation strategies, commercial branding options like vehicle wraps and extruded aluminum signage, or essential safety equipment such as crash cushions, guardrails, and automatic flaggers, we are your comprehensive resource for traffic control and safety supplies.

In an era where the efficiency and safety of road construction and maintenance projects are paramount, Barricades and Signs is dedicated to providing the leading traffic control and safety solutions across British Columbia. Our goal is to furnish our clients with the necessary tools and knowledge for safe and efficient traffic management, ensuring the successful completion of projects with minimal disruption.

Expansive Service Areas: Serving the Entire Province of British Columbia

Barricades and Signs’ mission to enhance traffic safety and control spans the entirety of British Columbia. We proudly extend our superior services and support to various key locations throughout the province, ensuring that communities and cities, including but not limited to the following, have access to our top-tier solutions:

  • Victoria: As the provincial capital, our services in Victoria are crucial for supporting its historical sites and growing infrastructure needs.
  • Kelowna and Kamloops: In these dynamic cities, we provide traffic management solutions that cater to their development projects and bustling tourist activities.
  • Prince George: Serving the northern hub of the province, our solutions in Prince George ensure the safety and effectiveness of both urban and industrial projects.
  • Nanaimo and Courtenay: Our traffic safety supplies and management services in these coastal communities are vital for handling the unique challenges posed by their geographical layouts and tourist influx.

Our wide-reaching service network across British Columbia ensures that Barricades and Signs can deliver the traffic control and safety equipment you need no matter where your project is located. With a profound understanding of local regulations and the unique challenges faced in each community, we tailor our services to ensure your project’s success and optimal outcomes.

Whether initiating a significant construction project in Victoria, enhancing traffic schemes in Kelowna, or addressing the unique needs of Prince George, our team is ready to assist. Our professionals are prepared to provide our comprehensive range of products and services, ensuring the success and safety of your projects across British Columbia.

Brandon Deeves

Brandon Deeves

Regional Director
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