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Traffic Safety Supplies Saskatchewan

Looking for traffic safety supplies? Look no further! The clients of Barricades and Signs know we can be your supplier of choice in and around Saskatchewan. With our large inventory, we can help you with any project large or small.


Traffic Signs Saskatchewan

When you’re planning what you need for traffic signage, having a single-source supplier will make the project’s success rate higher. We have a full range of sign inventory for rent or sale, and the capacity to do any sign required. We manufacture, deliver, install, remove and repair any traffic sign that you need. Our ability to customize any sign at an industry staggering speed is another key to our client’s success.

We can store, setup, and remove – just let us know when and where.

Traffic Control Saskatchewan

A key to success with any road construction project is to safely control the traffic. We’ve been helping our clients plan, manage, execute and succeed with traffic diversion since 2004. With expertise drawn from inside our own industry, and working closely with our clients, we can aid in the success of your project and remove the stress of traffic control.


We’re more than just barricades and signs – we offer a full range of products and services.

As we continue to grow, our offering to our clients gets better and better. From needing a single barricade to full traffic mitigation strategies to commercial branding like vehicle wraps, retailer signage, crash cushions, guard rail, automatic flaggers, and more. If there’s something you need with traffic control or safety supplies in Saskatchewan – reach out and we can get you what you need.

Norden Seig

Norden Seig

Vice President of Sales
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