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Elevating Traffic Control in Regina: A Tailored Approach

At Barricades and Signs, we’re established as the leading provider of comprehensive traffic management and safety supplies in Regina and its surrounding areas. Our broad array of traffic control solutions equips construction projects of any scale with the necessary tools to efficiently manage and safely direct traffic, thereby safeguarding workers and the public alike. In the constantly evolving landscape of Regina, where development and infrastructure projects are perpetual, our specialized expertise is essential for the seamless and successful completion of these endeavors.

Regina’s Premier Traffic Accommodation Provider

In Regina, we boast an extensive selection of traffic signs for both rental and purchase, designed to fulfill the varied requirements of our clients. Our expertise in creating custom signs ensures that specific project needs are met with precision, covering everything from production to delivery, installation, removal, and repairs. Barricades and Signs serves as your comprehensive partner for traffic management, offering:

  • A flexible rental program that aligns with your project’s schedule.
  • Efficient setup and dismantling of traffic accommodation products, thereby simplifying project logistics.
  • Consultancy services for those in need of guidance on traffic accommodation strategies, aiming to ensure your project is in line with best practices from the start.
  • Maintenance and repair services, guaranteeing that your traffic management solutions are always in prime working condition.

Expert Traffic Control Solutions in Regina

Effective traffic control stands as the foundation of any successful road construction or maintenance project. In Regina, our strategy combines in-depth industry knowledge with a collaborative approach, closely working with our clients to ensure project success and streamline the complexities of traffic management.

As we continue to grow, our offering to our clients gets better and better. From needing a single barricade to full traffic mitigation strategies to commercial branding like vehicle wraps, retailer signage, crash cushions, guard rail, automatic flaggers, and more. If there’s something you need with traffic control or safety supplies in Saskatchewan – reach out and we can get you what you need.

In an era where the efficiency and safety of road construction and maintenance projects are of utmost importance, Barricades and Signs is dedicated to delivering the top traffic control and safety solutions in Regina. Our mission is to equip our clients with the necessary tools and knowledge for safe and efficient traffic management, ensuring the successful completion of projects with minimal disruption.

Expansive Service Areas: Serving Regina and Surrounding Regions

Our commitment to enhancing traffic safety and control extends beyond the city boundaries of Regina; we offer our superior services and support across the region. This ensures that regardless of your project’s location, you have access to our premium solutions. Understanding local regulations and the specific challenges faced by each community allows us to tailor our services to assure the success and optimal outcomes of your project.

Whether you’re initiating a major construction project in Regina or implementing a new traffic scheme in the surrounding areas, our team is ready to support you. Our professionals are equipped to provide our comprehensive range of products and services, ensuring the success and safety of your projects throughout Regina and beyond.

Scott MacPherson

Scott MacPherson

Director of Sales
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