Traffic Control Supplies in Vancouver 

Barricades and Signs has been serving Western Canada since 2004 and as a locally-owned company we continue to deliver high quality products and services that add value to our clients. We’ve been helping those searching for Traffic Control Supplies in Vancouver for many years with happy customers. We take pride in the communities we work in and are fully committed to enhancing traffic safety for all road users. 

With locations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba we have extended our reach into large cities like Vancouver where the commute to and from work can be more challenging to navigate. With more motorists on the roadways in these hubs, we’ve recognized a need for more traffic control products and supplies. 

Supplying Traffic Control Products in Vancouver

For a number of years, Vancouver’s Transportation Safety Action Plan has focused on moving towards zero. What does this mean you might ask. It simply means the city of Vancouver has set the target of zero transportation-related fatalities. They’ve made various improvements in recent years, and have outlined long-term strategies in their Transportation 2040 Plan.

An essential part in paving the way towards zero transportation-related fatalities is analyzing surrounding infrastructure and finding ways of making it safe in the event a vehicle makes contact. And that is where we come in. At Barricades and Signs, we supply a wide range of traffic control products and a team of trained professionals who can install and maintain the roadside safety equipment. We can play a pivotal role in moving towards zero for the City of Vancouver. 

Vancouver Traffic Control Supplies

To paint a better picture of how roadside safety equipment can help move the needle towards zero, we thought we would share 3 products that can make a difference in Vancouver:

  1. Big Sandy Barrels are non-redirective, gating systems used to shield temporary and permanent roadside hazards. They are free standing and utilize sand, gravel or compacted dirt to absorb energy. 
  2. QuadGuard II Crash Cushion is a redirective, non-gating crash cushion used to protect road hazards from 24” to 126” (2’ to 10.5’) wide with less than 19’ (5.8 m) of length.
  3. M-Fleat End Treatment is a redirective, energy absorbing end treatment used to shield vehicles from the end of guardrails. They are MASH test level 3 compliant. 

Our traffic control products help to ensure commuters are safe and in the unfortunate event an accident does occur they are protected from the infrastructure they strike. We know many are looking for Traffic Control Supplies in Vancouver and we’re here to help our clients solve their problems.