Building on the trusted technology used by thousands of organizations, we’ve developed the Guardian Angel Micro® for individuals seeking a more compact, lightweight design. At half the size and weight of the Elite™ model, the GA Micro™ maintains the same level of functionality, versatility, and durability. Rely on the GA Micro™ to illuminate your surroundings and enhance your safety, offering both brightness and peace of mind in a smaller package.

Flash Patterns

• Constant On | Front, Back, or Top LED’s
• Standard Operating | Front On, Rear Flashing
• Emergency | Both Sides & Top Flashing
• WigWag | Left-Right Alt. Flashing
• Strafing | Right-to-Left Flashing
• SOS | 3x short/long & 3x short flashes
• Battery Indicator | Left-to-Right Flashing

Battery & Charging

• What type of charge does it take? USB Type-A charging cable
• How long does it take to charge? Approx. 50 minutes
• Where do you charge it? Charging port on side of device, allowing for hard-mounting on the bottom of the device
• How long does a charge last? 1-150 hours
• What is the battery life cycle? 3,000 cycles minimum
• You control your power. Your charge will vary depending on brightness setting and light mode used.
• Check battery life anytime by holding the “rear” button


• 360° Lighting Patterns
• 4 Individual Lighting Controls
• 4 Different Brightness Settings
• (on Select models) Red Work Light Feature for low light environments
• Hold the work-light button for 3s for “standard operating mode”

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