Zoneguard Steel Barriers

At Barricades and Signs, we offer Zoneguard® Steel Barriers by Hill and Smith as a superior solution to a temporary concrete barrier. Hill and Smith’s product is in high demand as it’s a cost-effective alternative to concrete barriers for many reasons. Below, we’ll go into detail about why many clients are opting for Zoneguard and why we’re firm believers that it could fit your needs. 

As you manage the tighter budgets for road construction, you’ll notice that delivery of temporary barriers can be extremely costly. With Zoneguard®’s unique structure, it can be around 16% the weight of a concrete barrier. That gives Zoneguard® steel barries the ability to transport up to 750 linear feet on one truck. You’ll find out this reduces delivery costs substantially compared to the 90-120 linear feet of concrete barrier per trip. 

Zoneguard steel barrier transportation
As you can see, there’s a substantial amount of Zoneguard® that can be moved by one truck.

Zoneguard® Design

As you create your traffic deviation plans, you’ll have to decide how to deploy barriers cost-effectively and efficiently. That’s why Zoneguard® was created, its design features allow for speedy setup and takedown, allowing you to save time and money. 

The Design features include:

  1. Internal lifting bar for quick rigging
  2. Standard units are 50′ to maximize transportation and installation ease.
  3. Concrete Barriers typically weigh in over 400lbs per linear foot. This increases your workforce demand and transportation costs. Zoneguard is only 62lbs per linear foot!
  4. The patented six-point ‘speed joint’ system allows for fast and robust connections between Zoneguard units. 
  5. The base of the design uses the weight of the impacting vehicle to secure its location. 
  6. The rigid cross-section and lower center of gravity enhanced the performance when crash tested. 

Zoneguard® Steel Barrier Crash Testing

As with any traffic safety product, the Zoneguard® steel barrier went through extensive testing. Six separate crash tests occurred in 2007 with two anchoring configurations. The Standard Deflection System (SDS) and Minimum Deflection System (MDS). These anchoring systems were formulated to NCHRP-350 and MASH crash testing criteria. After reviewing the data, the Federal Highway Administration approved Zoneguard for use on the National Highway System from June 2008 forward.

Zoneguard® Steel Barrier MASH Compliant

With Zoneguard’s® breadth of crash testing, it has been reviewed and accepted by the FHWA and meets NCHRP 350 TL-3 and Tl-4, as well as MASH TL-3. Zoneguard’s® design features allow it to be compared to much heavier temporary concrete barriers. (Add Crash Test Letters)

Is Zoneguard® durable?

Zoneguard’s® main feature concerning durability is the long-lasting galvanized steel construction. Zoneguard® was designed to replace concrete barriers and does not chip or crack during delivery or installation. The galvanized steel also shows little signs of wear and tear, unlike its concrete competition. 

Zoneguard® construction involves galvanized steel panels that are constructed into 50ft sections. Each section is 32″ in height, 27 9/16″ at the base, and a beamwidth of 6 3/26″. 

Another feature of Zoneguard’s® durability is its performance-to-weight ratio. Typically concrete barriers weigh over 400lbs per linear foot, wherewith Zoneguard; the weight is only 65lbs per linear foot. This allows for speedier setup and takedown. 

Zoneguard steel barrier

As you can see, Zoneguard® Steel barrier is a unique solution that can reduce overall timeframes, demands on the workforce and help you get the job done right. At Barricades and Signs, we’ve got the inventory and expertise to help you decide if Zoneguard® Steel Barriers are right for you. Want to know more, and talk about availability? Contact us today and we would be more than happy to help. 

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