Women in Construction Week 2022

Women have always faced challenges in the construction industry simply because of the gender roles that prevailed from cultural norms. In 1953 the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) created the first “Women in Construction” Week (WIC) to help create a support network for other women in the industry and start breaking down the stereotype that construction is a career built only for men. As a company heavily involved in the construction industry, providing traffic control and roadside safety, we at Barricades and Signs, fully support women in the industry and will always support and encourage women, like those in our own organization, to join this exciting and ever-evolving, construction line of work. 

Our head office, located near Edmonton Alberta, is home to many hard-working women helping in any way they can, supplying services to our clients inside and outside of the construction industry. These are just a few of the women growing within our organization, we’re lucky to have them!

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Some of the Women at the Edmonton and Administration Branch. From left to right – Ashley, Lindsay, Brandi, Jenny, Sydney, Rhoda, Alesha, and Tarie.

With over 33 years of experience in the construction industry, we were excited to get the chance to ask Donna Seelig, from our Langley branch in BC, a few questions about her experience in the industry as well. Here’s what she had to say.

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Donna Seelig

Q: How long have you been at barricades and signs?

A: I’ve been with Barricades & Signs for just over a year.  I’ve been in the industry for 33+ years.

Q: What do you like about being in the construction industry?

A: I like knowing that I was able to contribute to the safety of both the public and construction workers during a construction project.  I also appreciate working with all the GC’s out there to assist in making their project a little easier with our offerings on and during their construction project.

Q: What challenges do you see as a woman that BSL is helping overcome?

A: A lot has changed in the past 30+ years for women in construction.  When I first started in the industry, it truly was a “man’s world”.  It was hard to gain respect and appreciation in the industry.  I was fortunate and had a lot of support from all my colleagues in my early days.  I find that Barricades also does this.  It’s reassuring to know that Barricades & Signs has my back and they continue to support me every day since I started.

Q: Any tips for being a woman in the construction industry?

A: Hang in there. Be strong. Don’t let anybody talk down to you. You are just as capable as anybody else to succeed in this industry. Be honest and supportive. You will be rewarded tenfold, trust me. I know because I feel it every day I come to work. I wouldn’t want to be in any other industry.

Want to help promote and support Women in Construction? We encourage all women to speak up about their experiences, talk to other women in the industry and keep reaching for their goals despite the challenges women face. Show encouragement to young women seeking construction opportunities and most importantly, support one another. 

Here are some resources you can also look at to help you network and power your career as a woman in construction:

Canadian Association of Women in Construction –

ECA – Women Build –

National Association of Women in Construction – Facebook Network Page –

Women in Construction –

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