Choosing Traffic Control Companies to use for your Infrastructure Project

When you’re tasked with planning out the lane controls for an infrastructure project, you’ll be reviewing traffic control companies. This industry is full of larger and smaller players that can be used; however, there are vital factors you should consider when deciding on traffic control companies to approach. 

Services outside of available inventory

Some traffic control companies offer rentals and setup only. While that might help you, there are other parts they can help you out with. For example, we produce traffic control plans around our available inventory. There’s also finding a traffic control company that can act as more of a partner with you. While you might understand what specifics you need, we can advise on options that could decrease delivery times, setup times, and more. Any clients looking at barriers usually go to concrete; however, we’ve got steel barrier products that should be considered.

Steel Barriers often get overlooked and save time and labor costs when compared to concrete.

Available inventory and specialty items

Part of any traffic control companies you consider should be navigating inventory during the busy months. Usually, summer is when most projects require our products. The needs of your site can always change. As you go, there might be more demands and areas where increased traffic controls are necessary. Most of our customers understand this and need any traffic control companies they consider to have what they need. After all, sourcing from one supplier avoids the headache and logistics of managing many. 

Traffic control is evolving with the legislature changing. New products or safety concerns brought up by municipalities will change how you operate. As traffic safety technology evolves and new options become available, specialty products become wanted.

For example, in December 2021, WorksafeBC changed requirements for flaggers, moving towards many using Automatic Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD) as standard. Since we anticipated the change, we increased our inventory to ensure our customers didn’t lose time and increase project costs. 

traffic control companies afad
We increased our inventory exponentially to ensure our clients didn’t miss a beat when WorkSafeBC made AFAD’s required.

Timelines and execution with Traffic Control Companies

No one likes it when a project goes over budget and over time. Removing risks associated with delivery from any traffic control companies should be a high priority. Helping you manage your timelines should be a big part of the discussion. With any project, items like traffic cones and barricades can get damaged as the project goes on. Make sure to discuss how quickly they can replace their products with any traffic control companies so that you’re not left with holes in your traffic safety plans. 

Why do many consider Barricades and Signs?

As one of many traffic control companies, we’re proud to say we’ve got amazing clients. Our clients are like most, they just need it done right. Since we’ve got a wealth of experience and we can act fast – our clients benefit. We’re also here to help navigate the changing landscape of traffic safety. We constantly showcase new products and new methodologies to our clients, so they’ve got the best options for their next project. 

We consider our mantra as “solving customer’s problems.” This means being fast at getting customers what they need, being precise, and understanding the task at hand. 

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