Scorpion Traffix Devices

Scorpion Traffix Devices have gained popularity over the years, as they’re becoming known as the go-to attenuator. Traffix has been focusing on this product line for some time, and we’re proud to have Scorpion Traffix devices within our product range. 

scorpion traffic devices Scorpion-II-metro-barricades-and-signs-0004_570Scorpion II® METRO

Featuring the shortest TL-2 Plus MASH TMA is the Scorpion II® METRO. Perfect for tight spaces in urban areas, the unit is only 8 ft/2.44m in length and has a short vertical storage height of only 11.2ft/3.4m. Our Scorpion II Metro includes patented curved aluminum tube frames that include full-width impact direction by directing the crashing vehicle away from the “coffin corner.” Re-directional capabilities are along the entire length of the TMA thanks to the curved aluminum tubes. Each module is powder coated with an aluminum honeycomb core to get long life and increase durability.

At the time of this writing, the Scorpion II Metro is MASH Tested, Passed, and Eligible at “infinite weight,” allowing attachment to host vehicles with curb weights of only 7,500 lbs (3,402 kg). Similar to other Scorpion Traffix devices, the modular design compresses in segments to slow the impacting vehicle to a stop. This also gives the advantage of easy to replaced damaged parts.

scorpion traffix devicesScorpion II® Trailer

When a vehicle impacts  The Scorpion® II trailer attenuator, the modular design compacts in stages, reducing forces on the occupants and yields lower costs for repairs and replacements. WIth rear-axle placement, the attenuator gains increased stability and prevents damage from ‘bottoming out’ while moving over uneven surfaces. The length is kept short to be the shortest on the market at only 17′ 10″. The integrated electric brake system comes standard on all Scorpion II towable attenuators to make it easier on your traffic safety staff. This will activate automatically if there’s a separation or hitch failure. Included are omnivolt LED signal, brake, and directional running lights for added safety.

If the Scorpion II fits your needs, you can use it with any support vehicle with a minimum actual/curb weight of 12,000lbs and no upper weight limit, also known as infinite weight. Included with this unit is the Telescpion anti-rotational system (TARS). The Scorpion II TA stays attached to the pull vehicle and pintle hook during all impact testing. TARS works to minimize rotation of the attenuator from offset and angled impacts.

Traffix devices’ Scorpion Towable Attenuator needs little or no changes to be compatible with vehicles other than the regular pintle hook and 1/2″ thick x 32″ wide steel frame plate. This was done intentionally and allowed you to hook up quickly and easily.


Scorpion II truck mounted attenutor barricades and signs 0002 570Scorpion® II TMA

The Scorpion® II truck mounted attenuator

The Scorpion® II truck mounted attenuator is used in mobile operations and attaches to support vehicles with a minimum weight of 15,000 lbs. (6,804 kg). The Scorpion Traffix devices system utilizes the front strut and rear cartridge to safely absorb energy. The Scorpion® II TMA can be lifted in a double 90 degree fold position during transport, which sits at a height of 12’5″. It is designed to absorb rear-end impacts up to 100 km/hr and is MASH Test Level 3 compliant.

The open cartridge design helps with traveling at highway speeds to increase fuel efficiency and reduce wind resistance. An aluminum honeycomb core enclosed by an aluminum powder-coated box module gives maximum durability and increases longevity. The omnivolt LED signal, brake, and directional running lights are included for added safety.

The modular design compresses in stages during an impact, minimizing forces on the unfortunate occupants in the striking vehicle. This results in lower costs for repairs and easily replaceable parts. Most other crash attenutator models by other manufactures have little or no side-angle impact protection.
When the Scorpion II TMA is fully set up, it’s only 13’/4m in length which is on average 6′ less than other manufactures’ options. The shorter length offers advantages of lower repair costs and incidental impacts.

The Scorpion II is MASH Tested and Eligible with a minimum host truck vehicle weight of only 15,000 lbs (6,804 kg) with absolutely no upper weight limit.

As a Scorpion Traffix devices supplier, we’ve got the expertise, experience, and ability to sell, service, and rent these amazing products. If you’re looking for another Scorpion Traffix device, contact us, and we’ll help you solve your problems.

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