Safe Roads Highway Products Manitoba and PGC Traffic becomes Barricades and Signs.


Barricades and Signs ltd. is excited to announce its acquisition of Safe Roads Highway Products and PGC Traffic in Manitoba.

Barricades and Signs provide customer-driven products, rentals, and services for traffic safety in Western Canada. As a leading provider of traffic control products and services, we are here to find solutions to creating safer work zones and travel. If you need traffic signs, delineators, electronic message boards, route markers, guardrail systems, and more, you can count on us.

PGC Traffic’s reliable services and planned commitment fit perfectly with the philosophy of Barricades and Signs. With PGC’s current reach and unique products, Barricades and Signs can now offer even more value to our customers.
With the demand for our products and services in Manitoba, we knew acquiring Safe Roads Highway Products would be a great foundation to build on and offer our customers even more. Safe Roads is known to provide a high level of customer service in the Manitoba market, and its objectives and goals are closely aligned with our own.

With Safe Roads and PGC Traffic added to our growing network of Barricades and Signs branches, we can now offer our products to a broader range of customers. They will benefit from our core message – we’re here to creatively solve problems, create value, and simplify the complex challenges of transportation. If you’re unsure what you need or how to approach a problem safely, Barricades and Signs is the solution, now in Manitoba. Safe Roads and PGC customers will now have the opportunity to experience the Barricades and Signs’ way of supporting their success.

“We’ve known Safe Roads and PGC for quite some time, and we’re happy for them to be joining the Barricades and Signs family. We’re excited to continue our growth with their team and build on their great relationships with our new Manitoba friends and clients. We are proud to serve across Western Canada with localized expertise and supporting local communities,” Said Jan van Bruggen, CEO of Barricades and Signs Ltd.