WANCO Vertical Mast Arrow Board Trailer

The WANCO Vertical Arrow Board Trailer is a low maintenance unit with a single vertical support that allows the display panel to be rotated towards traffic without repositioning the trailer. The highly visible arrow board utilizes energy efficient LEDs with power consumption levels 80% lower than traditional arrow boards. The arrow board can easily be deployed and lowered for transport by one person using the attached winch system.

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Features & Benefits

  • Meets MUTCD standards
  • Maintenance-free batteries
  • Easy to operate and maintain 
  • 15-light and 25-light models
  • Visible up to one mile away 
  • Fenders can be replaced if damaged
  • Provides a clear view of road workers
  • Batteries are fully sealed and will not leak or spill
  • Display panel rotates freely to face traffic (360 degrees)


Deployed position:

  • 1250 lbs. (567 kg)
  • 133” (337 cm) height
  • 75” (191 cm) width of trailer base
  • 85″ (215 cm) height from ground to bottom of display panel
  • 76” (192 cm) depth with support legs

Display panel:

  • 48” (122 cm) height
  • 96” (244 cm) length
  • 3” (8 cm) width

Travel position:

  • 90” (229 cm) height
  • 75” (191 cm) width
  • 118″ (300 cm) depth with trailer tongue

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