Sunray LTS 300 Hybrid

The Sunray LTS 300H is a portable light tower designed with hybrid solar charging and engine power technology. The 750W solar array charges the battery bank while the 3kw diesel generator features an auto start and stop switch to keep your worksite lit even when the sun goes down. The Sunray LTS 300H utilizes four 300W LED lamps with three brightness settings to minimize energy consumption.

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Features & Benefits

  • Solar and engine charging
  • Compact 24 gallon fuel tank 
  • Self starting and stopping
  • Advanced engine control
  • 100W, 200W and 300W setting
  • Simple hourly and daily timer
  • Hybrid technology to decrease engine emissions and maximize solar charging


  • 121” (L) x 78” (W) 
  • 20’ mast height 
  • 10’ mast height down
  • 3400 lbs.

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