SoftStop® System

The Soft Spot® is a redirective, gating tangent terminal used with a variety of 31″ guardrails, most commonly W-Beam. The single-sided system features a narrow head to minimize interactions with maintenance vehicles like mowers and snow plows. To contain vehicles during head on impacts, the narrow head travels along the W-Beam panels and slows the vehicle. The Soft Spot® is MASH Test Level 3 compliant.

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Features & Benefits

  • Tested to MASH TL3
  • Tangent end terminal
  • Beginning length-of-need is 16’6” (at the third post)
  • Splices at mid-span of the posts to allow for easy assembly
  • Can be configured to use 12’6″ or 25′ panels with 8″ or 12″ offset blocks


  • Head width: 7”

System Length

  • 50′ 9 ½″ (TL-3)
  • 38′ 3 ½″ (TL-2)
  • 25′ 9 ½″ (TL-1)

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