Smart Cushion®

The Smart Cushion® is a redirective, non-gating, bidirectional impact attenuator used to shield fixed roadside hazards in permanent and temporary work zones. This speed dependent system utilizes a reverse tapered design to reduce side panel stress during impacts and provides the smoothest ride down of any system on the market. By using a cable and shock arresting cylinder the system applies the necessary stopping force to a vehicle based on its speed and size. The Smart Cushion® system is low maintenance and can be installed in less than 90 minutes minimizing worker exposure to traffic.


SCI 100 GM, SCI 70 GM

Features & Benefits

  • Tested to NCHRP Report 350 TL-2 and TL-3
  • Variable resistance system
  • Low angle of exit on side impacts to keep vehicle from rebounding back into traffic
  • Extreme temperatures do not affect performance
  • No mobilization required after side impacts
  • Fully assembled for a pick-and-set install
  • Low maintenance and quick reset times minimize worker exposure



  • 24” (W) x 13.5’ (L) x 33” (H)
  • 2465 lbs. (1120 kg)

SCI 100 GM

  • 24” (W) x 2.5’ (L) x 33” (H)
  • 3450 lbs. (1570 kg)

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