Sealate® T-70 HMWM Crack Sealer

Tranpo’s Sealate® Crack Sealers are used to fill deep cracks and seal pores to help extend the life of the concrete. The high molecular weight methacrylate resin system cures in 4 to 7 hours when applied at 21° C or warmer. The low viscosity and surface tension of the Sealate® T-70 is ideal for application on concrete roads, concrete bridge decks and industrial floors.

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Features & Benefits

  • Strengthens and extends the life of concrete
  • Available in one, five and fifty-five gallon units
  • High molecular weight methacrylate resin system
  • Provides compatibility with moving cracks and thermal stresses
  • Easy single application with a broom, squeegee or by using spray equipment


  • 8.6 lbs per gallon 
  • Low viscosity < 15-25 cPs
  • 4 to 7 hour tack free cure time at 21° C

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