Safence® is a longitudinal high tension cable barrier system that can be used as a median, roadside barrier or slope barrier. The system is made of wire rope and unique c-posts made of galvanized, cold-rolled steel to hold cables in place. As a flexible barrier system, Safence® is designed to safely absorb energy and guide vehicles along the barrier. Safence® is available in 3-cable (TL-3) and 4-cable (TL-4) configurations.

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Features & Benefits

  • Cables remain under tension after vehicle impact 
  • System from Gregory Industries 
  • Tested to MASH 2016 on level terrain up to 2:1 slopes
  • Shoulder and slope median applications
  • Quick installation and maintenance


  • Post height: 958mm (from grade level)
  • Mounting height: 900mm
  • Post spacing: 2000mm
  • Profile: ~100mm

3-Rope Cable Heights

  • 18.9” (480 mm)
  • 22.6” (575 mm)
  • 36.4” (670 mm)

4-Rope Cable Heights

  • 18.9” (480 mm)
  • 22” (560 mm)
  • 25” (640 mm) 
  • 28.3” (720 mm)

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