Safe-Hit® Glare Screen

The Safe-Hit® Glarescreen is a vertical plastic panel used on the top of median barriers to block headlight glare from oncoming traffic. Used in temporary and permanent applications, the Safe-Hit® Glarescreen is flexible and will rebound into the original position after impact. Most commonly used in construction zones and as curve delineators.

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Features & Benefits

  • May add reflective sheeting to improve visibility 
  • Colours options include green (standard), white and orange
  • Three heights available 18″ (457 mm), 24″ (610 mm) and 30″ (762 mm)
  • Base rail available in half (11” length) and full (24” length) sections 
  • Removable blades can be replaced from both sides of the highway
  • Ideally suited for construction work zones and curved roadways
  • Designed to help withstand multiple impacts from overhanging loads.
  • Helps to reduce congestion in work zones by limiting cross-median visibility
  • Versatile, modular design adapts to most sizes of temporary or permanent barriers
  • Blade installation and replacement with two retaining pins instead of bolts or screws


Three Paddle Sizes:

  • 9” (W) x 18” (H)
  • 9” (W) x 24” (H)
  • 9” (W) x 30” (H)

Mounting Base:

  • 4-¾” diameters 
  • 1 ⅞” tall

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