Safe-Hit® Delineator

The Safe-Hit® Delineator Posts are flexible tubular markers ideal for medium frequency applications like roadside lane lines. Each post is made of durable co-extruded polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors and features a two piece, self-locking system aimed at reducing install and maintenance time. The Safe-Hit® Delineator Posts are versatile and can be used with portable bases, surface mount bases or soil anchors. Safe-Hit® Delineator Posts are available in a variety of colours and heights.


Orange, Red, White, Yellow

Features & Benefits

  • Portable bases available in 18 lbs. and 32 lbs.
  • Soil anchors work in a wide range of soil types
  • Standard post colors: white, yellow, and orange
  • Standard reflective colors: silver, amber, and orange
  • Multiple base anchor options and portable bases
  • Surface mount bases ideal for asphalt or concrete
  • Round post design can provide increased visibility in up to 360° direction


  • 2.25” diameter
  • 18” to 54” heights available
  • 3” width on flattened top version

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