QuadGuard® M10

The QuadGuard® M10 is a redirective, non-gating crash cushion used to shield road hazards 24” (610 mm) wide. The system is made of crushable, energy-absorbing cartridges surrounded by a framework of steel Quad-Beam™ panels and a self-supporting steel nose. The QuadGuard® M10 system utilizes two types of cartridges in a “staged” configuration to address both lighter cars and heavier, high centre-of-gravity vehicles.
This QuadGuard® M10 Wide system is available for larger applications shielding road hazards up to 69” (1.75 m). Both the QuadGuard® M10 and QuadGuard® M10 Wide are MASH Test Level 3 compliant.


M10, M10 Wide

Features & Benefits

  • Tested to MASH TL-3
  • Made for permanent applications
  • Self-supporting steel nose
  • Tension strut backup
  • Monorail guide stabilizers
  • High strength Quad-Beam™ panels safely redirect side impacts
  • Does not use anchoring chains or tension cables


QuadGuard M10 Test Level 3 System

  • Length – 22’ 0″ (6.71 m)
  • Width – 24″ (610 mm)

QuadGuard M10 Test Level 2 System

  • Length – 13′ (3.96 m)
  • Width – 24” (610 mm)

QuadGuard M Wide Test Level 3 System

  • Length – 22’ 0″ (6.71 m)
  • Width – 69″ (1.75 m)

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