Pole-Safe® Breakaway Post Support

The Pole-Safe® breakaway support system is designed for poles located within roadside clear zones or in locations vulnerable to vehicle impacts. It is designed to support a variety of different light pole configurations. When struck by an errant vehicle, the omni-directional Pole-Safe® system breaks in a predictable manner regardless of the angle of impact, minimizing negative impacts to road users. The Pole-Safe® breakaway post support system is NCHRP 350 compliant.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable, maintenance free design
  • Resistance to wind and dead loads
  • Minimizes vehicle and property damage
  • Easy to install, no tools or equipment required
  • Can be used on a large range of light pole sizes and configurations
  • Hot-dip galvanized couplings and hardware to provide corrosion-protection
  • Designed for use with maximum allowable pole mass specified by AASHTO

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