PED 2.9 Portable Pedestrian Signal

The Portable Pedestrian Signal (PED) 2.9 is designed to help pedestrians navigate work areas and is often used to manage crowds at special events. The push button activates a walking request and then notifies pedestrians when it is safe to cross by initiating the countdown timer. The PED 2.9 can operate independently or with other Portable Temporary Traffic Signals (PTTS).

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Features & Benefits

  • MUTCD compliant LED pedestrian signal display with countdown timer
  • Piezo pedestrian push button
  • Compliant with the NEMA TS-5 Environmental Standards
  • User-friendly controller
  • Quick set up time and small trailer footprint
  • Power is supplied by a bank of batteries with a 120 volt charger
  • 21 day operation without sun
  • 100 watt solar array
  • 8 batteries – 6 volt deep cycle


  • 145″ (368 cm) height
  • 48″ (121 cm) width
  • 51″ (129 cm) height to pedestrian button
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