MAX-Tension Tangent TL-3

The MAX-Tension TL3 is a redirective, gating tension based end terminal designed for W-Beam guardrail. The system includes an energy absorbing impact head, two tensioned cables, ground anchor assembly and couplers with built-in cutting tooth technology. The slim design reduces interactions with maintenance vehicles. The MAX-Tension TL3 absorbs energy by creating friction in the tension cables and cutting the downstream guardrail panels. During side impacts, the MAX-Tension TL3 acts as a guardrail and redirects vehicles away from the roadside hazard.

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Features & Benefits

  • Tested to MASH TL-3 (impacts up to 100 km/ hr)
  • Narrow design reduces impacts with maintenance vehicles 
  • Tension-based cables control deceleration and increase redirective performance
  • Sabertooth technology increases energy-absorbing capacity and weakens the downstream guardrail to help reduce the severity of impacts
  • Utilizes standard guardrail components reducing maintenance costs
  • Lightweight impact head makes installation quick and easy
  • MASH Test 3-31 vehicle stopping distance is under 7 m (23′)
  • Available as a kit or full system with standard guardrail panels, posts and components after post 1
  • Beginning length of need (BLON) at post 3


  • 27’ (L) x 17.5” (W)
  • 0 – 2’ offset
  • 50’ effective length

Impact head:

  • 5.5” impact head width
  • 40 lbs. (18 kg)

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