The HARP® is a single foundation anchor post terminal for use with Trinity Highway’s CASS®, the Nucor® Nu-Cable® or other eligible high tension three or four wire rope cable barriers. The end terminal is made of a concrete foundation, anchor post, knee brace, trigger braces, and an innovative release post that works in conjunction with terminal line posts to provide an effective length of only 25′ 6″. It is MASH Test Level 3 compliant and can be used in median or shoulder applications.

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Features & Benefits

  • Anchor clearance above grade is only 3″
  • Knee brace design controls tilt position of anchor post.
  • Does not use interwoven cable or multiple anchor foundations.
  • For maximum anchorage, only 1″ cable fittings are used by HARP®
  • Keeper plates designed to reduce the release of cable by roadway operations or vandals.
  • Three terminal line posts are inserted in sleeves to help reduce repair time. Simply remove and replace the posts when damaged.


  • Terminal length is 25′ 6″ (L) x 8″ (W)
  • Length-of-need (LON) is 25′ 6″. The LON in reverse direction is 53 ft.

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