Driveway Assistance Device DAD 3.9

The Driveway Assistance Device (DAD) 3.9 is designed for short-term and long-term work zone applications. It is used to safely control traffic exiting and entering multiple driveways and side roads. The small footprint and lightweight design is easily positioned by hand and can be used with other Portable Temporary Traffic Signals (PTTS).

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Features & Benefits

  • Small footprint and lightweight design
  • Quick setup time and repositioning by hand
  • Compliant with both the MUTCD and NEMA TS-5 standards
  • Full colour LCD controller screen
  • Power is supplied by a bank of batteries with a 120 volt charger
  • Three 12″ LED signal lamps consisting of one center red and two red left/right arrows
  • Up to 18 DAD units can be used together in one work zone
  • 21 day operation without sun
  • 100 watt solar array
  • 8 batteries – 6 volt deep cycle


  • 138″(349cm) height
  • 48″ (122 cm) width

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