Arrowmaster™ M90

The Hill & Smith Arrowmaster M90 is a solar-assisted arrow board with low operating costs. It utilizes advanced LED technology to provide maximum visibility and safely stores the cutting edge battery bank inside the trailer deck. The arrow board display is held in place by two vertical legs which fold at 90 degrees for easy transport. The top mounted solar panel is positioned to maximize charging allowing for long duration, maintenance free operation. The Arrowmaster M90 is available in 15 or 25 LED display modes.

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Features & Benefits

  • Sealed maintenance-free batteries
  • Batteries discreetly hiding inside trailer deck 
  • Removable tongue designed for safety and security
  • Top-mounted solar panel in constant horizontal position
  • Fully sealed, 5″ PAR 46 LED with high-impact plastic hoods
  • On-board self-contained controller with 7 modes of operation
  • Controller and battery charger in a lockable enclosure; made of 14-GA steel


  • 96” width
  • 88” travel height
  • 142” operating height
  • 48″(H)  x 96″ (W) sign panel size
  • (4) 12-volt, 18 AH batteries
  • 15 Light Display – 940 lbs. (426 kg)
  • 25 Light Display – 1000 lbs. (454 kg)

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