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Solar Powered Light Tower

Our solar powered light towers are designed to be versatile and rugged, utilizing heavy duty construction, they provide an excellent solution for most work site and security lighting requirements. These towers are built to be simple, convenient, environmental friendly and require very little maintenance.

The mast is equipped with four heavy duty LED lamps, each one featuring ultra-high intensity, state of the art LED’s that shine with remarkable brightness. The high performance fixtures are designed to maximize the light output of each LED, equalling very little “lost” light. The solar powered light tower can be purchased with either 40,000 or 65,000 total lumens. To maximize battery life, the control system is equipped with several settings including automatic on/off at dusk and dawn, and programmable run times from 3 to 12 hours.

To minimize the charging time, the light tower is equipped with easy to read gauges and a versatile solar array, capable of 70° of tilt. Used together these will allow you to quickly adjust the array to collect the maximum amount of sunlight. If required, a built in 110 AC power connection makes it very easy to re-charge the battery bank.

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