Navigating the Challenges of Roadway Construction: An Overview for Project Managers

Roadway construction is a complex and challenging process that requires careful planning, coordination, and execution. Project managers in this field face various obstacles that can impede the success of their projects. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most common challenges project managers face in roadway construction and offer suggestions for overcoming these obstacles.

Budget constraints

One of the biggest challenges project managers face in roadway construction is budget constraints. The cost of construction materials, equipment, and labor has been rising recently, making it increasingly challenging to complete projects within budget. Project managers must find ways to manage costs effectively without sacrificing quality or safety. This can be helped by thoughtfully and thoroughly planning schedules, negotiating favorable prices from suppliers and contractors, and finding alternative solutions to costly problems.

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Delays caused by weather

Weather is one of the most unpredictable factors in roadway construction. Heavy rains, snow, and wind can delay construction activities, and in some cases, cause damage to equipment or materials. Project managers must anticipate weather-related delays and plan accordingly, including arranging for the temporary storage of materials and equipment. They must also be prepared to adjust the construction schedule as needed to accommodate weather-related disruptions. 

At Barricades and Signs, many customers must enact traffic pattern changes quickly to accommodate weather changes. That’s why we’re here with the ability to mobilize quickly. 

Complex stakeholder requirements

 In roadway construction, project managers must work with a wide range of stakeholders, including local authorities, utility companies, property owners, and the general public. These stakeholders often have conflicting requirements and demands, making it challenging to balance the needs of all parties. Project managers must have excellent communication and negotiation skills to manage stakeholder relationships and ensure that all parties are satisfied with the project’s outcome.


Shortage of skilled labor 

The construction industry needs more skilled labor, making it difficult to find workers to complete roadway construction projects. Project managers must work with their contractors to find innovative solutions to this problem, including training and development programs and hiring workers from other areas. Hiring a company like Barricades and Signs with expertise in roadway closures might be the best action when finding skilled labour to do lane closures or temporary traffic solutions is difficult. They must also be prepared to adjust their schedules and work with alternative staffing arrangements if necessary.

Technical and safety concerns 

Roadway construction projects can be complex and require specialized technical knowledge. Project managers must understand the latest construction methods, materials, and technologies to ensure that the project is completed safely and efficiently. They must also ensure that all construction activities follow local and national safety regulations and standards. Typically, our customers can expect us to turn around a traffic accommodation plan within 2 days – allowing proper safety planning. 


Safety considerations are always crucial for any construction project, but especially so when it comes to roadway building. That’s why Barricades and Signs exists; we’re here to keep workers and motorists safe. 

With heavy equipment and vehicles moving around the site at high speeds, you must take all necessary steps to minimize risks associated with these activities. This means taking extra measures such as frequent inspections of equipment, utilizing Barricades and Signs to ensure proper signage is in place at all times, implementing appropriate safety protocols for workers on site, and more. 

These steps will help ensure everyone remains safe while work progresses without any major issues or incidents occurring during the process. 

In conclusion, roadway construction projects are challenging and require careful planning, coordination, and execution. Project managers face various obstacles, including budget constraints, limited access to construction sites, weather-related delays, complex stakeholder requirements, a shortage of skilled labor, and technical and safety concerns. By understanding these challenges and working to overcome them, project managers can ensure the success of their roadway construction projects.

Need help planning your roadway project? Want to get options at the design phase? Contact us today to chat with our team of experts. 

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