Impact Recovery Systems – Now at Barricades and Signs

At Barricades and Signs, we’re always looking for new products that will help our customers solve problems. This is why we’re happy to share that we will be distributing a full array of products from Impact Recovery Systems. In the traffic safety industry, Impact Recovery Systems is well known for its high-performance flexible products. They’re a popular addition for traffic safety in low-speed environments or for parking signage in commercial or condo applications. In this blog post, we’re featuring some of their most innovative products that are in high demand. 

Parking Lot Signs

A common ongoing cost concern with parking lots in condo buildings or high traffic retail developments is ongoing signage replacement. During the winter months, drivers can slip and slide into signage either damaging or completely removing permanent signposts. The most common we see is the reserved parking stalls. The Sta-Rite aluminum signpost is the perfect solution that won’t damage vehicles or require constant repair. Constructed with powder-coated aluminum, the signpost is perfect for our harsher winters. There’s also a plethora of available colors. 

Flexible Sign Posts lower maintenance over time with less required replacements.

Impact Recovery Systems’ signposts can operate with their surface mount quick release base. This means, should you need to change out the signs it can be done in less than 5 minutes. 

Flexible Delineators

New studies show that flexible delineators are better than the traditional type of delineator. Unlike traditional delineators, flexible delineators can be bent and twisted back into position if hit by a vehicle. They also have a less likely chance of causing vehicle damage.

The Tuff Post 4″ Flexible Delineator Post is less likely to cause vehicle damage than a traditional solution.


On top of this, flexible delineators have lower maintenance costs because they need to be replaced after every small bump as opposed to every impact for the conventional type of delineator.



Traffic Panels and Markers

Road markings and panels are used to warn drivers of dangers on the road. They come in a variety of configurations, but they all function the same way. They provide a warning so that drivers can be better prepared for what’s ahead. Some systems are fully flexible, requiring less maintenance than other systems.

The Sergeant Stripe panels alert motorists to hazards ahead.

Pedestrian Safety

Our highly-reflective pedestrian crosswalk signs are easy to see during the day and night. Our signs provide an important visual reminder so drivers can slow or stop at crosswalks. Pedestrians also use our signs as navigational cues. They are always on duty, regardless of weather conditions or nightly illumination.

In-Street Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign alerts drivers to a crosswalk.

We also carry a full array of other products by Impact Recovery Systems‘ that allows you to save maintenance costs and create safety in your properties. 

Energy Absorbing Steel Guarding Systems

We’re also excited to offer the whole catalog of SlowStop guarding for Warehouse and Facility Safety. SlowStop technology fills a gap in the marketplace for lower cost, lower maintenance safety solutions that are designed to take impact.