Getting the Most Out of Your Traffic Management Plan

Traffic Management Plans (TMP) set guidelines for safe and effective traffic control in work zones. Each plan should outline requirements for motorists and pedestrians, workers and site conditions, incident management strategies as well as implementation and maintenance tactics for the entirety of the project. This information will help you get the most out of preparing your next Traffic Management Plan.

When do you need a traffic management plan?

First off, is determining if you need a traffic management plan. Most provincial highway construction projects in Western Canada require a TMP. Each plan should be site-specific and approved by local transportation authorities.  TMP are designed to maintain traffic and ensure workers, pedestrians and other road users are safe during construction projects, however, jurisdictions may have different requirements so it is recommended to get familiar with local regulations. 

General components of a traffic management plan

  1. Location and details site map
  2. List of traffic and construction hazards within and around work area
  3. Details of necessary temporary traffic equipment and sign placement
  4. Pedestrian and road user accommodations (especially during peak hours, night time, etc.)
  5. Strategies for plan implementation and site maintenance
  6. Engineer stamped drawings (if necessary)

Our Traffic Supply Solutions for TMPs

To help execute your plan, we offer full-service delivery, set-up, and on-site personnel for maintenance and flagging purposes. We have a variety of traffic supply solutions available for purchase or rent:

We offer services and products to help execute your Traffic Management Plan. This includes:

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