Anthony Henday Steel Barrier Case Study


Completing Edmonton’s Anthony Henday Ring Road was a significant feat, but with daily traffic surging to 80,000 cars, a seamless solution for road safety and expansion was crucial.


Our industry expertise and quick-mobilization capabilities allowed us to install over 14km of moveable steel barriers, Zoneguard® and Vulcan® in record time. We efficiently managed traffic, mitigating driver frustrations while enhancing safety.


Our unique speed and efficiency propelled construction progress and earned us a valued partnership in this significant project.

Project Stats:

  • Over 14 KM of Zoneguard® barrier utilized
  • Zoneguard® Steel Barriers can be delivered with up to 750 linear feet on a truck, compared to 90-120 linear feet of concrete barrier.
  • Zoneguard® Steel Barriers weigh less than concrete barriers, allowing for easier use, less staff and equipment. This translates to a 20% speed increase with installations. Speed is only one factor, less equipment and staff are required for proper install of Zoneguard®. This not only saves money, it increases safety both with drivers on the road and installation staff and equipment.
  • Measurably less wear and tear on road surfaces with lower weight and easier installation.
  • 55 KM total movement of  Zoneguard® barrier throughout project, managed by Barricades and Signs.
  • 88 install, removal or relocation of Traffix SLEDs.
  • Replaced hit Traffix SLED units six times, some within an hour. This reduces the opportunity for more devastating accidents, and showcases our suggestion of Traffix SLED as an end treatment.
  • 400 linear feet of Zoneguard® barrier installed in 13 minutes, or almost one Zoneguard® barrier per minute!

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